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Product Details

Each pack includes around 40 incense sticks 

Approximate burning time: 20 minutes for each stick


011 艾草 Mugwort

Ingredient(s): Mugwort and Sandalwood

Coverage: ●●●●●


021 玉桂 Cinnamon

Ingredient(s): Cinnamon and Sandalwood

Coverage: ●●●


180 除障草 Tibetan Mugwort

Ingredient(s): Tibetan Mugwort

Coverage: ●●●


231 檸檬草 Lemongrass

Ingredient(s): Lemongrass and Sandalwood

Coverage: ●●●


300 日本桧木 Hinoki

Ingredient(s): Hinoki

Coverage: ●●●


310 青森絲柏 Hiba Wood

Ingredient(s): Hiba Wood

Coverage: ●●


360 台灣肖楠 Taiwan Incense Cedar

Ingredient(s): Taiwan Incense Cedar

Coverage: ●●●


370 雪松木 Cedarwood

Ingredient(s): Cedarwood

Coverage: ●●


380 崖柏 Cliff Cypress

Ingredient(s): Cliff Cypress

Coverage: ●●●


850 側柏葉 Arborvitae Leaf

Ingredient(s): Arborvitae Leaf

Coverage: ●●●


900L 聖木 Palo Santo (Lite Edition)

Ingredient(s): Palo Santo

Coverage: ●●●


020S 玉桂 Cinnamon (Special Edition)

Ingredient(s): Cinnamon, Benzoin and Pinewood

Coverage: ●●●


040 檀香 Sandalwood

Ingredient(s): Sandalwood

Coverage: ●●●●


626 安息香 Benzoin

Ingredient(s): Benzoin and Hinoki

Coverage: ●●●


801 白鼠尾草 White Sage

Ingredient(s): White Sage and Sandalwood

Coverage: ●●●●●


890 尤加利 Eucalyptus

Ingredient(s): Eucalyptus

Coverage: ●●●


902 聖木 Palo Santo

Ingredient(s): Palo Santoand Pinewood

Coverage: ●●●●●


606 乳香 Frankincense

Ingredient(s): Frankincense and Hinoki

Coverage: ●●●●


900 聖木 Palo Santo

Ingredient(s): Palo Santo

Coverage: ●●●●●●

okapi Incense 2021 線香系列

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