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Who Are We     l     工作室簡介    



Founded by visual art graduate, okapi studio aims at unleashing the potential of simple materials, bringing creativity into everybody's life. 


What really matters to us? This is a question for everyone. How can we strive a balance between development and cultural heritage? In okapi studio, we believe in the uniqueness of different materials, hoping to redefine them via a series of interactive workshops and events.


The theme of the year is "Old Hong Kong". We will have a time travel by featuring the typical substances in various generations. You are cordially invited to commence this adventure with us, experiencing the chemistry between creativity and cultural transformation. 

okapi studio 相信或然性,相信可能。透過不斷的研究和發掘,我們學會從根源審視事物自身的價值。在這裡,我們相信創意源於生活,屬於每一個人。


今年,okapi studio 以舊日香港為題,從物料的文化背景,思考時代變遷帶來的變化。現在,誠邀各位與我們一起創作,體驗創意與文化結合和轉型的微妙變化。


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