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 We are convinced that creativity comes from life, and it belongs to everyone. Through art making, one can explore own potential and open up infinite possibilities.



[裝置藝術] Project Detour

現代人講求速度,卻遺忘生活本由微小的事物組成。相機象徵把回憶定格,而濾鏡上印有香港不同地方的風景。觀賞者將駐足停留,透過套入濾鏡來欣賞各區的美景,喚醒他們對週遭事物的好奇。 然而,作品中唯獨欠缺了香港仔區的風景,希望身處該處的觀賞者能意會何為活在當下,減慢步伐來欣賞身邊的人,事和物,建構出屬於自己的濾鏡。 Our pursuit for speed and efficiency has blinded us from the simple fact that life is made up of little, seemingly insignificant things. While camera signifies the capture and freezing of memory, different faces of Hong Kong landscapes are printed on the filter. Standing still, viewers can insert different filters to appreciate the beauty of these localities, while their curiosity is aroused via the bizarrely displaced landscape-filter. Yet, the scenery of Aberdeen is missing in the filter collection. It is the hope of the creator that the


【蒲窩青年藝術節 – 曬冷】 【場地圖及節目一覽】 就黎到Weekend,搵緊黎緊週未有咩搞?蒲窩青年藝術節今個星期六就係啦!精彩節目一籮籮,實有一樣岩你,等我將藝術節當日所有工作坊、體驗、手作地攤、即興創作、小遊戲、小食、精彩表演、裝置藝術等等等等一併列曬出黎啦! 日期︰2016年1月23日 (星期六) 時間︰下午12:00 – 6:00 地點︰蒲窩青少年中心 (香港仔大道116號)

《再造紙》 二月工作坊 Recycled Paper Workshop

我們會提供多種食物/植物原料,讓您將其混入自己打磨的紙漿中,製作不同圖案的再造紙。 日期:二月逢星期三丶四、六 時間:20:00-21:30(三丶四)、17:00-18:30(六) 地點:官塘工業中心一期6樓D1室 每班名額:6人 (3人或以上同行可自選時間) 報名方法:Facebook Inbox or WhatsApp 6128 0917 Various types of plants and raw food materials would be provided in this workshop. You can make your own paper pulp and create recycled paper with unique patterns. Date:Every Wednesday,Thursday and Saturday in February Time:20:00-21:30(Wed and Thu)、17:00-18:30(Sat) Address:Room D1, 6/F, Phase One, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, Kwun Tong Maximum no. of participants per class:6 (a group of 3 form their own class and pick any timeslot) How to apply:Facebook Inbox or WhatsApp 6128 0917

《手工香》 二月工作坊 DIY Incense Workshop

從基本學習香的製法,混入不同的植物和香味,創出屬於自己獨特的香味,製作不同形狀的手工香。 日期:二月逢星期五、六 時間:20:00-21:30(五)、15:00-16:30(六) 地點:官塘工業中心一期6樓D1室 Learn to make traditional incense by using natural plants. You can also create your own incense with a unique scent and shape! Date:Every Friday and Saturday in February Time:20:00-21:30(Fri)、15:00-16:30(Sat) Address:Room D1, 6/F, Phase One, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre, Kwun Tong 報名方法:Facebook Inbox or whatsapp 6128 0917

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