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 We are convinced that creativity comes from life, and it belongs to everyone. Through art making, one can explore own potential and open up infinite possibilities.



[活動宣傳]一更又一更 - 鄭志堅個展

Exhibtion Introduction The theme of exhibition is Incense. Through the use of mixed media and installation arts, we hope to reshape and redefine this traditional item by taking a closer look at its raw components and structure. 展覽簡介 是次展覧將會以香作主題。使用混合媒介、裝置等媒介,表達從根本研究香的原材料和構造原理,重新詮釋香的造型和意義。 *如欲了解更多請 Whatsapp 或 致電 5536 0004 或 Email 或 瀏覽

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